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                    The Web is the title of my first solo record that I finished recording in September 2001.  10 songs were recorded at 3-7-12 studios, one song was taken from the Rock-N-Chair CD (“The Web”), and one was a digital edit of a song I recorded with my band Icebreaker in May, 1989 when I could still play guitar called “Time for a Change”.

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770-509-7196 viamar64@aol.com

All Titles- 3-7-12 Songs., Inc.

The Web.......


1. Bread and Circus- Greg Harry- Writer, Producer, Vocals, MIDI [Drums, Bass, Orchestra]       /Chris Blackwell- Rhythm Guitar

 2. Voice in the Wilderness- Greg Harry- Writer, Producer, Vocals, MIDI [Drums, Bass, Lead Guitar]  / Chris Blackwell- Rhythn Guitar

3. Longing for You- Greg Harry- Writer, Producer, Vocals, MIDI [Drums] Chris Blackwell- Bass, Rhythm Guitar   /Chris Hereth- Lead Guitar

4. Capture the Moment- Greg Harry- Writer, Producer, Vocals, MIDI [Drums, Bass] /Chris Hereth- Guitar

5. Dysreflexic- Greg Harry- Writer, Producer, MIDI [Drums, Bass, Keyboards]      / Chris Blackwell- Lead Guitar

6. The Web- Greg Harry- Writer, Vocals    Cem Ozkan- Producer, Keyboards, MIDI [Drums, Bass, Effects] /Chris Blackwell- Guitar

7. Pitch- Greg Harry- Words, Producer, Vocals/Chris Blackwell- Music, Bass, Keyboards, MIDI [Drums], Rhythm & Lead Guitars

 8. Simile Smile- Greg Harry- Writer, Producer, Vocals, MIDI [Drums,Bass]     / Chris Hereth- Rhythm & Lead Guitars

9. Nothing Good about Goodbye- Greg Harry- Writer, Producer, Vocals,MIDI [Drums, Bass]      /Chris Blackwell- Rhythm & Lead Guitars

10. Regret- Greg Harry- Words, Producer, MIDI [Harmonica]      Justin Cruse- Music        Chris Blackwell- Bass, MIDI [Drums], Guitar

11. Straight is the Gate- Greg Harry- Writer, Producer,Vocals, MIDI [Drums,Bass] /Daniel Sims- Rhythm Guitar/ Chris Blackwell- Rhythm & Lead Guitars

12. Time for a Change-Greg Harry-Writer,Guitar, 2nd solo/Doug Busbee-Lead Vocal Billy Darling- Guitar, 1st Solo/Paul Standefer-Bass, Keys/Terry Buell- Drums

            Assistant to Producer on all tracks- Chris Blackwell

~making memories...