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            Rock-N-Chair is a compilation project that involved 9 musicians,7 of them were in wheelchairs. The recordings were finished in March of 2000. It came about through the acquaintances of Scott Robertson, Greg Harry and Chris Blackwell.  Scott Robertson is a T10 paraplegic who went to sound engineering school and plays a drum set designed to suit his disability. Scott moved to the Atlanta area in 1996 and started a recording studio that soon featured digital recording techniques.  Eventually Chris Blackwell moved here to assist him with his studio and its’ design. Scott met Greg at Atlanta’s Shepherd center for disability rehabilitation when the center started up a music program for disabled musicians.  This eventually led to Chris working for Greg as a caregiver and also helping Greg get some of the music out of his head he had been creating.  Greg had played the guitar and gigged around town for many years before an accident left him paralyzed from the neck down. After about 5 years of doing nothing musically, Greg began writing and singing again and had come up with a few songs with many more to come. Greg, Scott, and Chris did a few performances with other musicians they met at Shepherd Center and Chris thought they should dub the project “Rock-N-Chair” after his late, disabled grandfather’s CB handle.  After a few gig’s, Scott generously offered to do 7 recordings for free at his studio:  Premonition, Fool for You, Human Race, Can’t Afford to Cry, Heaven, Highway with You, and A Change will Come.. This was the foundation of Rock-N-Chair’s CD.

       Scott did all the engineering for the songs. He played drums on “Fool for You”, “A Change will Come”, “Highway with You”, and “Human Race”.  He also wrote all the music for “Premonition” using sequencing.


            Bill Lupoe a T6 paraplegic and double amputee, wrote, sang, and played keyboards on “A Change will Come” and “Fool for You”.  He also co-wrote and sang the lyrics with Greg on “Heaven”.

      Chris played bass and guitar on all of the songs recorded at Scott’s. He also co-wrote and recorded all the music and vocals for “Heartache” at Greg’s 3-7-12 Studio.

            Greg wrote MIDI tracks for “Heaven” and “Can’t Afford to Cry”, he also wrote the words for “Premonition” and wrote “The Web” which was recorded at his roommate’s Cem Ozkan’s  studio.

        Cem Ozkan, originally from and now residing again in Turkey, produced, arranged and did the instrumentation on “The Web”. He also played bass guitar on “Highway with You”.  Cem, we miss you, bro!

            John Bancheri is a T1 paraplegic.  He wrote, sang, played guitar and harmonica on “Human Race” and “Highway with You”.  He also played harmonica on “A Change will Come”.

            Robbie Heisner, who has muscular dystrophy, has his own group, Van Gogh- check out www.vangoghmusic.com.  He produced and his band did the music for the remake of Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth”.  Greg also sang vocals on this track.

            Scott Splawn, a T10 paraplegic sang the vocal for “Premonition”.  Scott is also a talented guitarist and songwriter in his own right.

            Brian Gilmore, a T4 paraplegic, plays guitar and drums.  He co-wrote “Heartache” with Chris.

You can here a full length mp3 of "The Web" and snippets of "Premonition" and "Heartache" at www.notontheradio.com/detail.asp?PRODUCT_ID=55, you can also make purchases there.

            All the guys want to thank you for listening or if you purchase a CD!