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1. BurnLounge/Greg Harry- Kelly Thomas' media store. BurnLounge/Greg Harry       

2. All Music.com-If there's anything you ever want to know about any musician or song, check out AMG:       

3. I Breathe Music. com- If you're a musician needing some technique or theory tips:       


4. Serenity Homes.biz- Serenity Homes of Georgia

5. Serenity Designs- Serenity Designs- Web and Video Editing--(a close friend of mine, show some support and visit Debbie)       

6. James Castro.com- James Casto       

7. Loose Shoes.com- Loose Shoes       

8. Eric Sands.com- Eric Sands (we were gonna start a band but he was allergic to my cats, tough break!)       

9. Mirror The Band.com- Mirror (local band that rocks, always playing, check their schedule!)       

10. John Harris- John Harris (bluesman extraordinaire)       


11. Jeff Rense- If you just read the paper or watch it on t.v., you're not getting truth!       

12. Alex Jones- World news and information       

13. Conspiracy Archive- Illuminati Conspiracy Archive       

About 4 years ago, I found some very gifted teachers of the bible online. These guys take everything back to the original Hebrew, they don't want your money and their interpretations are not what you get from your basic denominational church building. The first 6 chapters of Genesis are amazing!

* Kings Chapel       

* The Season       

* Bible Study Site       


* Angeli Conspiracy