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About 3-7-12 Studio

3-7-12 is my studio where I created the first recordings for the new cd. Why 3-7-12 you ask? Well,they are the most prominent numbers in the Bible and I read it daily.  I give God all the glory for my abilities to be making music again!

It is a digital recording studio run by a Pentium III, 800 meg computer with two 20 gig hard drives.The programs used are Cakewalk for digital recording and MIDI triggering. Mastering and enhancement of tracks is done in Soundforge.There are many plug-ins including Timeworks Delay and Reverb, Waves RCL Compression and Waves L1 Ultramximizer (for that “Industry- Standard” level!) and Q-Metric equalizer. Soundmodule is a state of the art Proteus 2000 with String, Brass, Bass and Piano sounds so real, it's downright scary! Drum module is an equally state of the art DM5.

3-7-12 Studio was designed and built by Chris Blackwell.

If you’d like more details about the studio seen pictured below or it's design, please write toViamar64@aol.com.